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Traveling to Maribor

Transportation to Maribor & Slovenia

You can fly with low cost flights to our capital Ljubljana or our neighbour countries: Austria (Graz, Klagenfurt, Vienna), Hungary (Budapest), Italy (Venice, Treviso, Trieste), Croatia (Zagreb). From there you can take a train, a bus, a taxi or Slovenian pick up shuttles to Maribor.

You can reach Maribor by train from all major surrounding cities. There is a direct connection from Ljubljana and Graz, from elsewhere there are some stops you’ll have to make in between. You can check the train connections to Maribor, around Slovenia and to neighbour countries here:

Slovenian railways
Austrian railways

Maribor is directly connected with towns in Austria, Germany, Hungary and Italy. Organization in your own county may be able to offer discount to students and to those under 26.

You can find more information at Flixbus and Eurolines.


Ljubljana – Maribor 149 km
Graz – Maribor 64 km
Klagenfurt – Maribor 181 km
Vienna – Maribor 262 km
Budapest – Maribor 370 km
Venice Marco Polo – Maribor 362 km
Treviso – Maribor 374 km
Trieste – Maribor 240 km
Zagreb – Maribor 119 km

Transportation in Maribor & Slovenia

Transportation within the city is efficient, with a well-developed public transit system, making it easy to get around and explore various neighborhoods. Moreover, Maribor’s strategic location provides convenient access to other European destinations, with connections to major cities by road, rail, and air. There are a lot of options on how to travel in Maribor and Slovenia.


There are 22 bus lines in Maribor and they drive pretty regularly, depending on the line. The bus ticket costs 2€ if purchased on the bus itself, but most of people buy prepaid bus cards, where 10 tickets cost 10€ much more budget-friendly alternative. If you plan to travel by bus a lot, consider buying a student subsidized monthly ticket, which costs around 20€ per month and offers unlimited transportation with city buses. Slovenian  For more information you can visit the marprom website , where you will find more info and all the bus lines.


The train serves as a well-liked choice for traveling within Slovenia and to nearby countries. The Slovenian railway system provides attractive discounts for domestic travel, such as a 10€ youth card available for those under 26 years old. This card grants a 30% discount on all tickets and is valid for a year, making it indispensable for frequent train travelers.

Additionally, during weekends and holidays, a 30% discount encourages people to opt for train travel as their preferred mode of transportation.

You can find more relevant information and train schedules on their website:


Taxis provide a hassle-free transportation option, available round the clock for your convenience. Whether you require a prompt ride from a party or need to reach a different part of the city swiftly, taxis are there to assist. Among the favored taxi services is Cammeo Taxi, renowned for its user-friendly mobile app that allows you to easily book a cab whenever you need one.


There are several rent-a-car options in Maribor. Prices for renting a car vary and start at around 40€ per day.


Recently, among students, carpooling has gained significant popularity. Carpooling involves sharing car journeys with multiple individuals, providing an excellent means to save money, help the environment, and socialize with others. The most widely used carpooling platform in Slovenia is


Carsharing is a transportation service that allows individuals to rent a car for short periods, typically by the hour or by the minute. To use a carsharing service, individuals usually need to sign up for a membership with the carsharing provider and provide their driver’s license and payment information. Once registered, they can locate available cars near their location using the app, unlock the vehicle, and use it for their desired period. When they finish their trip, they return the car to a designated parking spot within the carsharing zone. Currently there is one car sharing provider in Maribor Avant-to-go, you can get more info at their webstie:


Mbajk has quickly become a favored mode of transportation among Maribor’s students. It offers the opportunity to rent bicycles conveniently from numerous locations across the city. With a yearly subscription of 3€, users can access bikes as frequently as desired. Simply unlock a bike using the mobile app or website, and you’re all set to explore Maribor on two wheels.