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Summer sports

Slovenia is known as a green country. During your stay you can enjoy in many outdoor activities. Student campus at Gosposvetska offers a unique outdoor fitness which is free to enter for everyone and operates in all seasons. City center is surrounded by Mestni park (City park) where people usually socialize during summer. City park is also a place of several cultural activities during each year. You can do many activities there, people choose it for walk, run, football, badminton, slackline, basically everything that is possible to do in nature. It is big enough for many different groups, so you will always find a spot for yourself.

In summer, students do more outdoor sports. Near stadium of NK Maribor (Ljudski Vrt) you can find facilities for basketball or football. If you want to play beach volleyball you can book your place at fontana picnic center. In Maribor you can also find SPA, which offers student discounts during all the year. It is called Fontana. If you decide to spend summer in Maribor you can also visit Mariborski otok. Mariborski otok is a swimming pool complex that offers swimming in three outdoor pools and a variety of sport activities. You can play beach volleyball, table tennis or rent rackets for badminton. Entrance fee for Mariborski otok is only 5 euros for all day.

Popular place for summer walks is also Pohorje, a hill that is located on a southern part of the city. It is accessible with public transport, you can visit it by bus nr 6. For hiking, you should also visit Piramida, Pekerska Gorca and hill called sv. Urban. ESN Maribor will take you to some places but if you are curious enough you can discover them also on your own.


There are many possibilities for winter sport activities in Maribor. Mentioned above, on southern part of city there is a hill known by the name Mariborsko Pohorje. On winter time it is turned to the biggest ski resort in Slovenia. It is accessible for everyone, beginners and experienced skiers. In case you want to learn how to ski or snowboard there is a ski/snowboard school available. Besides skiing, you can also do ice skating in Maribor. There is a hall, named Ledna dvorana where you can do ice skating from November till March.

Students can also receive discountable ski tickets for some other ski resorts in Slovenia. More information about discountable tickets for different sports can be found on:


University sport society of Maribor (UŠZM) offers sport activities for students. As a student you can get discounts on fitness, SPA, ski tickets. You can also enroll to student league in football, volleyball, basketball. Simply, create a team and join the competition. Winners of the competition are usually awarded with symbolic financial award.

You can check all the activities of UŠZM on their website: , ESN Maribor will also inform you about the events in their facebook/whatsapp groups.


Maribor is a home to different cultural societies. You can find them below sorted in a table.


Name Address Website
The regional museum Maribor Grajska ulica 2
The national liberation museum Ulica Heroja Tomšiča 5
Maribor art gallery Strossmayerjeva ulica 6
Art on Koroška street Koroška cesta 18
Vetrinjski Manor gallery Vetrinjska ulica 30


Slovene national theatre- SNG Slovenska ulica 27
Maribor puppet theatre Vojašniški trg 2a


NAME address website
MARIBOX Loška 13


Name Address/location website
International lent festival Maribor city center
Old vine festival Maribor city center
Maribor festival (festival of classic music) Maribor city center
Borštnikovo Gathering Maribor theater
Golden fox (FIS Ski world cup) Mariborsko Pohorje
Maribor Sport weekend Everywhere around the city


Since the pandemic burst out, nightlife is limited. However, you can still visit a Bar on Poštna Street or enjoy a drink at LUFT.  There is also club called Štuk, it is a special place that offers lots of concerts and activities for students.

name adress website
KMŠ Pristaniška ulica 2 /
ŠTUK Gosposvetska cesta 83
KGB Vojašniški trg 5
JAZZ CLUB SATCHMO Strossmayerjeva 6
Fuego Mesarski prehod 3
Pekarna cultural centre Ob železnici 8
Poštna street All poštna street /
Luft Ul. Vita Kraigherja 3