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Student coupons

Slovenia is the only country in Europe with the coupons systems. This means that you can eat a nice student meal in certain restaurants in Maribor for around 4€ on average and the rest of the meal’s price is subsidized by the Slovenian Government.

The system is digitalized and you have two options: 

  • you can use your mobile phone with slovenian number (you can obtain a SIM card with local phone number in general stores for around 7-15 €)
  • or you order a special card which costs 15 EUR and you receive it within 5 working days.

You can eat 2 meals per day with 4 hours interval between meals. The prices of meals differ from restaurant to restaurant, their location and meals they offer. For some coupons you can get a sandwich or a hamburger and for others a whole meal with soup, main dish and dessert

Procedure of registration:

  1. You get an EMSO at your faculty

  2. Register on the website www.studentska Write down the number at the end of registration.

  3. Download the Student Meal App at the App Store or Google Play,

  4. Go for a tasty meal in a restaurant.

At the beginning of each semester during welcome reception the Student Organization of University of Maribor (ŠOUM) provides you with all the necessary in-depth information about procedure of obtaining the coupons. 

How does it work?

While in restaurant, inform the personnel working there, that you will use student coupons. Before or after the meal you will either call 1808 (it is a free number, so it works also if you don’t have any credit on your mobile phone) or use a mobile app and show your ID.

When can I use my food coupons?

Every day from 8am till 9pm. Coupons cannot be used during summer, particularly from the 15th of July till 15th of August.

How many food coupons am I entitled to?

It depends on the labour days in each month. Each student gets one food coupon per workday.

List of restaurants:

More info about student coupons:



02 234 21 26
Gosposvetska cesta 86, 2000 Maribor


01 43 80 218
Pivovarniška ulica 6, 1000 Ljubljana


040 475 099
Mariborska cesta 2, 3000 Celje


059 047 898
Slovenski trg 5, 4000 Kranj


Černelčeva cesta 3, 8250 Brežice