Student coupons

Slovenia is the only country in Europe with coupons systems. This means that you can eat a nice student meal in certain restaurants in Maribor or everywhere in Slovenia for 2,5 EUR on average. The rest of the meal is subsidized by Slovenian Government. Recently the system was digitalized and you have two options for that: you can use your mobile phone with Slovenian number (you’ll be able to get SIM card from ESN or mobile operator shops) or you order a special card which cost 15 EUR and you receive it within 5 working days.

  1. At the registration at the faculty you’ll receive a Confirmation of EMŠO number and your Enrolment Certificate.

  2. Register on the website (you’ll receive an activation number – save it!)

  3. To activate your phone or to order the card, go to: Gosposvetska 86 (near student dorms), office hours: every day from 9 am to 2 pm.

    You will need:

    • Confirmation of EMŠO number
    • Enrolment Certificate
    • Activation number
    • Unlocked mobile phone
  4. Go for a tasty meal in a restaurant…

At the registration you’ll receive an activation number to active your account on You can check how many coupons you have, where you have already eaten, etc. While in restaurant, call 1808 (it is a free number, so it works also if you don’t have any credit on your mobile phone) and show your ID. If you order some drink or a meal that exceeds the price of the subsidized meal, you need to pay the price difference. You can eat 2 meals per day with 4 hours interval between meals. 4.