Preskoči na vsebino


Which level of proficiency in English is required of the applicants?

We require proof of B1-level proficiency in English or higher

Where can I get the confirmation of my English proficiency?

We accept English proficiency certificates (English language school certificate), English tests from your faculties (at the department of English language), CEFR scores at B1 level, TOEFL scores at B1 level.

Do you accept OLS scores?

No, we cannot accept them. We accept CEFR scores at B1 level and TOEFL scores at B1 level.

Is my graduation certificate acceptable if it includes English at B1 level?

Yes, we can accept it if your faculty coordinator writes an assessment and you attach both documents (graduation scores in English and the faculty coordinator’s assessment).

Will courses be held in English? In the Course Catalogue, only Slovene is specified.

All courses offered in the course catalogue will be conducted strictly and only in English, even if Slovene is specified as the language of the courses.


Which documents do I need?

You need six documents: Application form (LA), statement, EMŠO number (i.e. the Slovenian personal identification number), English certificate at level B1, the transcript of records and OLA (Online Learning Agreement).

Where can I find my EMŠO number?

You do not yet have an EMŠO number in Slovenia. You apply for it by submitting an application in an MS Word form. We will create your EMŠO number when you arrive to Maribor, but before that, you have to submit the application for EMŠO. You will need your EMŠO for the residence permit card.

What kind of document is the TRANSCRIPT OF RECORDS?

It is a document indicating the courses you have already completed. It is needed to connect you with the corresponding administrative unit at your faculty.

Is the application form actually your Learning Agreement?

Yes. We require that document. It has to be signed by you and your Erasmus coordinator.

I cannot complete Table B in the Application form. What should I do?

Table B is not obligatory, you can leave it empty.


Can I choose courses from the faculty webpage?

No, you can only choose courses from the Course Catalogue, because these are offered only for Erasmus students and are carried out in English. All other courses are for the regular students of the University of Maribor.

Can I choose courses from the Course Catalogue that are carried out by different faculties?

You should choose most courses from your primary faculty; however, if you cannot choose all the courses at your faculty, you can also choose courses at one another faculty.

How many courses carried out by the second faculty can I attend?

The majority of your selected courses has to be carried out by the primary faculty.

How many ECTS can I choose for one semester?

We suggest you choose around 30 ECTS.


Where can I find information about accommodation?

You can find some basic information on our webpage. We send detailed information and application for accommodation after a student is accepted.

Do you help students with accommodation or do we make accomodation arrangements by ourselves?

Yes, we help all students with accommodation. If you find yourself in trouble, please let us know. Write an email to:

Do you offer rooms in the student dormitory?

Yes, we offer rooms in the Student Dormitories of the University of Maribor. (

Can I apply for a room at the Student Dormitories of the University of Maribor?

You can apply after you are accepted to Erasmus mobility. You will receive the application together with the Acceptance letter.

Is there enough rooms for students?

Usually, we have enough rooms for all exchange students.

Can I share a room with my friend?

Yes, it is possible to express your wishes in the application for the accomodation.


Should I submit the documents for the residence permit before my arrival?

No. You don’t have to submit any documents yet. You do it at the University of Maribor when you arrive.

Where can I get my EMŠO number?

You will get it from the faculty during the enrollment procedure.

I have a visa. Do I also need a residence permit card?

No, you don’t have to apply for a residence permit card.