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From Greece, with love: My Erasmus Experience in Athens

From Greece, with love: My Erasmus Experience in Athens

As I stepped into the world of my Erasmus exchange, I yearned for personal growth, cultural exploration, and the chance to see the world through new eyes. Greece, with its fascinating history and warm, welcoming atmosphere, seemed like the perfect place to turn these aspirations into reality. Its promise of unforgettable experiences and opportunities for personal transformation drew me in, making it the ideal place for my dreams to come true.

As a software developer intern in Athens, my daily tasks were nothing short of exhilarating. My role was a dynamic mix of technical challenges, creative problem-solving, and continuous learning. Working alongside a team of highly motivated professionals, I found myself immersed in projects that pushed the boundaries of my skills, encouraging me to think outside the box and develop innovative solutions.

One of the most exciting aspects of my internship was the opportunity to work on a mobile app project, which aimed to create a native app with a cross-platform approach—a unique endeavor with the potential to revolutionize the way businesses operated. It was a thrilling challenge that allowed me to delve deep into mobile app development, expand my horizons, and acquire valuable skills in cross-platform technologies.

While my work was intellectually stimulating, what truly enriched my Erasmus experience was the vibrant tapestry of life in Athens. Beyond the office walls, I immersed myself in the local culture, forging connections that would last a lifetime. My Greek colleagues, initially coworkers, quickly became friends, introducing me to the nuances of Greek culture and traditions.

Evenings in Athens had a life of their own. The city’s nightlife was vibrant, with an array of lively tavernas, bars, and clubs that catered to every taste. From sipping traditional Greek spirits like ouzo and tsipouro at cozy tavernas to dancing the night away at energetic clubs, Athens offered an eclectic nightlife scene that never ceased to amaze. The city’s streets came alive with laughter, music, and the clinking of glasses, as locals and fellow adventurers shared moments over glasses of these spirited beverages, creating an atmosphere of celebration that was simply irresistible.

Weekends were like an open invitation to leave behind the city’s bustle and dive into Greece’s stunning nature. The beach days were pure bliss, with crystal-clear waters and golden sands creating a haven for relaxation. As the sun dipped below the horizon, I found myself spellbound by the most breathtaking sunsets, especially during my enchanting trip to Santorini, where each evening’s celestial canvas painted a masterpiece in shades of fire and gold.

However, the true essence of my Erasmus journey lay in the friendships forged and the cultural experiences cherished. Greek friends welcomed me with open hearts, sharing their warmth and zest for life. Our gatherings were filled with laughter, stories, and spontaneous dance parties beneath the Athenian sky. The bonds formed during my time in Greece transcended mere acquaintanceship; they were a testament to the power of cultural exchange and the lasting connections it creates.

As I said my goodbyes to Athens, I took with me more than just skills and knowledge; I carried a piece of Greece in my heart. My time during Erasmus had a lasting impact, changing me in unexpected ways. It showed me that this experience wasn’t just about going to another country to work; it was a life-changing journey that reshaped how I see the world and my place in it.

To all those considering on embarking on an Erasmus+ journey, I wholeheartedly encourage you to seize the opportunity, for in embracing the unknown, you’ll discover not only a world of knowledge but also a world within yourself. Γειά μας!

Emilija Dunoska
Fakulteta za elektrotehniko, računalništvo in informatiko

Atene, Grčija
Obdobje mobilnosti: junij 2023–september 2023

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