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Experience Summer Schools in Slovenia

The University of Maribor organises the University of Maribor Summer School with several different modules for students in various academic fields.

Why UM Summer Schools?

Summer Schools are held in the English language and are focused on a specific topic.

Each module includes excellent content in the form of virtual and physical lectures, workshops and a variety of social activities, thus providing an opportunity for professional and interpersonal networking.

Summer Schools are perfect for students, who are ready to face real life problems alongside an international team of students of different backgrounds and professions.

If you are curious, innovative, have a desire for acquiring new knowledge and meeting new people, the Summer Schools are your golden opportunity to learn and develop new skills in different fields with lectures and workshops led by experienced professors and experts.

There is no tuition fee and students are eligible for Erasmus+ or CEEPUS financial grants.

Students who attend Summer Schools are also awarded ETCS credits for participation. ETCS credits are awarded to participants in line with the listed requirements of the Summer School.

We suggest you check out the previous summer schools and discover the experiences of students who have already attended our summer schools.

Apply for the UM Summer School that suits your interest and experience an unforgettable week in Slovenia!

Erasmus+ Blended Intensive Programme (BIP)

Some of our summer schools are organised as Blended Intensive Programmes (BIPs). The new Erasmus+ programme (2021–2027) introduces BIPs as alternative mobility for students.

BIPs combine short-term physical mobility with a virtual component and make the Erasmus mobility more flexible. Students participating in BIPs can maintain their study plans at their home institution and include the BIP as a parallel activity. Short-term online and physical mobility (one or two weeks in Slovenia) will constitute the only period outside their home institution.

There is no tuition fee for the courses – lectures and workshops.


Some of our summer schools are organised through the CEEPUS network.

CEEPUS is the short form for Central European Exchange Program for University Studies and is a multilateral University exchange program in the extended Danube region based on an international Agreement. The current member countries are the following: Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, North Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, the Slovak Republic and Slovenia. The Universities of Pristina, Prizren, Peja et al. are also participating.

Students from these countries are eligible to apply for scholarships for the summer schools.

There is no tuition fee for the courses – lectures and workshops.