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Erasmus+ BIP

You need to check with your International Relations Office at your university about the application process for an Erasmus+ grant for the summer schools organised as Blended Intensive Programmes (BIPs). This information is found in the description of each summer school.

Students attending BIPs are entitled to financial support for the duration of their physical mobility. Financial support includes the following:

  • Individual support: 70 EUR/day for every day of the physical mobility and for two extra travelling days (if you use them).
  • Top-up for green travel: in case of green travel, you are entitled to four extra travelling days and additional support for green travel in the amount of 50 EUR.
  • Additional funds for students with fewer opportunities: a one-off top-up of 100 EUR and travel support.

You will receive an Acceptance Letter and a confirmed Learning Agreement from the BIP organiser. You should forward these documents to the International Relations Office at your home institution when applying for financial support.

Accommodation and travel costs for the physical event in Slovenia are covered by the participants. The University of Maribor will provide you with accommodation at the student dormitory in Maribor (price: 100,00–140,00 EUR for the entire duration of the summer school). The University of Maribor will also offer you one meal (lunch or dinner) per day free of charge.


All students enrolled at a CEEPUS university who fully completed two semesters are eligible to apply. You need to be a citizen of a CEEPUS member State to participate in the program. The scholarships are paid by the host institution and vary according to the length of the programme. For summer schools lasting 6–10 days, you will receive 180 EUR, and for summer schools lasting 11 days or more, you will receive 360 EUR. More information about CEEPUS grants is available here. Please also ask the summer school organiser about the available scholarships.