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Insurance and Healthcare

If you fall ill or injure yourself, you can seek medical attention in the public healthcare network. You can visit the nearest healthcare centre or the emergency services at the hospital.

Citizens of EU member states, EEA, Switzerland and Australia are entitled to receive emergency or necessary health services free of charge under the same conditions as Slovenian students. You will need to present a European Health Insurance Card or a certificate replacing the card.

In addition to the European Health Insurance Card, we recommend that you get a private health insurance in your home country, which covers the costs of health services abroad. Many countries offer health insurance intended only for the length of your stay in a foreign country. While the EU card offers reimbursement of necessary medical costs, the private health insurance to be used abroad will ensure reimbursement of all the costs related to your medical care.

Citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of Serbia, and Montenegro have the right to emergency healthcare services free of charge under the same conditions as Slovenian students. You will need to present the required documents.

Citizens of third countries have to take out insurance in Slovenia (compulsory health insurance) in order to be entitled to the same benefits as Slovenian students.

Detailed information about accessing healthcare for students and the required documents are available here.


Ambulance, Firebrigade
Police, reporting accidents and criminal acts


+386 (0)2 321 10 00
Ljubljanska 5, 2000 Maribor


+386 (0)2 229 45 30
+386 (0)2 229 45 70
Lekarna Center Gosposka 12, 2000 Maribor
Lekarna Pri gradu Partizanska 1, 2000 Maribor
Pharmacies are usually open from 7:00 to 19:00.


+386 (0)2 320 79 11
Lekarna Tabor, Ljubljanska ulica 9, 2000 Maribor